Picture Mathematics Programs Associates (MPA), a Long Island-based family enterprise providing educational products and consulting services, exists today primarily due to the vision and determination of its founder, Dr. L. George Saad.

Dr. L. George Saad has dedicated his career to mathematics education and is continually revising the content, design, and presentation of Developmental Mathematics. Dr. Saad is currently expanding the scope of the workbook series through algebra and geometry in addition to incorporating new designs and illustrations throughout the series. Dr. Saad's enthusiasm and motivation has inspired his children to continue his legacy well into the future. Building the company upon the main tenets of continuous improvement, personalized service, and prompt response, MPA has reached the wide home learning and school markets both domestically and internationally. MPA's new distribution network includes qualified regional marketing associates, who provide expertise in planning and implementing the program within specific learning environments, and local educational products distributors, who abundantly stock and quickly deliver Developmental Mathematics.

Today, educators and students in the United States, and many other nations throughout the world, are benefiting from Dr. Saad's lifelong achievement,

Developmental Mathematics:
A Self-Teaching Program

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