Developmental Mathematics is a number learning program that starts with counting, and guides the student into advanced math disciplines. It deals with numbers as they evolve. It presents the number as a concept, how it is read and written, and then teaches all facts and computational skills in which it is involved. When all work with a certain type of number is exhausted, a new type is brought into the focus of study.
Each fact or computation is presented as a problem to be solved, and then the student is guided to see, and participate in, how the fact is derived and how the computation is built. The learner is trained to use acquired knowledge in generating new knowledge, which is the essence of mathematical thinking. In this manner, the students knowledge is consolidated as a coherent body, rather than a collection of unrelated facts and skills.
The program has been designed for, and proven widely effective over decades in, the following learning settings:
  • A self-paced program for elementary, junior high, and high school students.
  • A resource room program for elementary, junior high, and high school students.
  • A basic program in elementary and middle schools.
  • A program for special education students in self-contained classes.

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