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The Mathematics Placement and Scoring System (MPASS) is an on-line assessment and leveling procedure, designed and developed by Pyramid Software. MPASS presents the user, both educator and student, with an innovative assessment vehicle and guiding tool in the understanding and purchasing of Developmental Mathematics. MPASS allows an educator or student to experience the product non-invasively and interactively on-line and in real-time. As Pyramids flagship offering, MPASS will be used as the framework for subsequent academic curriculum products.

MPASS is composed of four modules. The Profile module gathers the necessary student personal information and educational background for assessment purposes. The Placement module utilizes the profile data to construct a customized placement test to assess and direct the student to the appropriate starting point within the Developmental Mathematics curriculum and guide the customer to the correct workbook choice. The Scoring module maintains student scores on the periodic and sequential diagnostic tests of the Developmental Mathematics series of Levels. Pyramid Software is also currently developing the entire sequence of unit tests. The Performance module allows the educator or parent to track and report student progress.

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