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Mathematics Programs Associates' new and improved Developmental Mathematics is the curriculum highly recommended in Cathy Duffy's Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual, Mary Pride's The Big Book of Home Learning, Rebecca Rupp's The Complete Home Learning Source Book, and Ted Wade's The Home School Manual. You may download a descriptive brochure and an overview manual for your review. However, please allow enough time to occupy your telephone line, as these documents are illustrative and colorful.

Since its inception, Developmental Mathematics has found vast popularity around the world, particularly with the rapidly expanding home education networks, home schooling communities, and private learning environments. Developmental Mathematics is the product of decades of research and testing in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. It is composed of a complete workbook series progressing, Level by Level, through the basic elements of arithmetic into the beginnings of algebra. As a self- teaching program, Developmental Mathematics is ideal for self-paced learning, both accelerated and remedial.

A thorough Placement mechanism allows the educator to accurately assess, map, and place the student at the appropriate Level within the program. Further, the student's progress is tracked and monitored periodically through Scoring and Performance modules. Its teaching methods cultivate independent thinking through deductive-reasoning and problem solving. Mathematical concepts and computational skills are presented clearly and concisely to allow students to advance independently. In each lesson, the student is taken from the lowest level of knowledge to the highest level of mastery. To date, Developmental Mathematics has been proven as both a full curriculum and a supplemental aid by thousands of professional educators and students throughout the world.

Thank you for considering Developmental Mathematics as your arithmetic curriculum. If you have any further questions regarding products and prices, please contact MPA.

Documents Available for Download
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Developmental Mathematics Brochure
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Developmental Mathematics Overview Manual
(16 Pages Text & 2 Pages Cover)

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